miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

El horóscopo/ the horoscope

Juego: Usando el lenguaje de los horóscopos, crear un poema. Puede ser tan corto como un haiku, o tan largo como un soneto. Game, anyone?

El amor ronda
tu puerta entreabierta.
Atrápalo ya.

In the year of the tiger
the mice scramble about quietly and oh so discreetly.
But beware,
the steady nibbling can even one so fearful and ferocious defeat
oh so completely.



Found (Horoscope borrowed from DailyHoroscopes.com, Aug. 18, 2010)

Slip onto the lips of the information you receive
today, where you will find that some avenues,
previously blocked, are now opening:
however, be wary of the mouths of rapids and avatars,
jelly jars, and automatic garage doors.

Put yourself inside everything.
listen to streetlights, wake to witness storms,
a bitch's worry skulk into night, an iguana's
orange breath, mufflers and long winding kilometers.
The more information you get

to help you understand
the years of an imagined kiss, the tomato stain
on the kitchen floor, the knot at the nape
of your neck, the vengeance of an ingrown
hair, the more success you will have
with your endeavors, though acidic and mildly cellular.

You probably already have grand tenuous ideals
and visions: a box tied around what the past
would not give you. But now you must put everything
aside together. You may have to find yourself,

a minister to your pale hungers, helping each
learn patience, understanding, acceptance, only till
the lull is done, till the itch is gone, till the time
has .... An odd flavor, this psychology.

But by now, you already know
that what passes for love is not easy.
Remember: this is a time for prudence, a time to tend
to details: listen for when your body loosens,
unravels; be a titan, unabashed. Be okay
with princes in 18-wheelers, the metallic smile of youth,
the fantasia of body shop mechanics and all their boyhood
looks; most importantly, let yourself
be a tomtom for the heart.

But never drive while lonely.

2 comentarios:

  1. As always, wonderful Jane. How do you come up with these tantalizing images and word games?Kudos.

  2. almost everything in this poem is real to me: last week i was awed by an orange iguana. i have a tomato stain on my kitchen floor (the image is used - not i can wash it off). the game comes in making it less real to me (and then so to the reader) and then tying them together. but i couldnt have done it without having the format of the horoscope. i needed that preachy yet calm voice throughout. i also needed the contradictions in the horoscope. thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. i think i'm going to keep working on it.