miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

Juego # 3: Pasto de bestias

A ver qué pueden ecribir con el siguiente tema: "pasto de bestias"

Nunca como hoy fui de un tan verde puro
La hierba jamás se confundió tanto conmigo.
Arrancada de raíz, desterrada por tu boca
Me revuelvo, casi exánime, en tu lengua.
Tus dientes trituran mis tallos y mis huesos
Con parsimonia de viejo animal rumiante.
Apenas queda chorreando en tu barbilla
Un tenue hilo de clorofila y sangre.


Que guapa tan verde!!! Que espigada!! Como te mueves con el viento!! Pareces casi una flor!! Déjame devorarte toda y que te enredes en mi lengua. Déjame sentirte dentro, muuuy dentro de mí. Verde que te quiero verde, verde monte....

Evelyn Jimenez Rivera

Juego # 2: Variaciones de Juego #1

"Open your eyes, Mrs. - . You can open your eyes now." The man's voice is syrupy, ketchup-thick; it reminds her of her husband. She does not welcome it.

She pretends it's a game: she's playing hide-go-seek and she's IT. She wants to scream, "Dammit, I haven't finished counting yet! 100, 99, 98, 97..."

Her mind trails. The room's refrigerator-cold distracts her from her mission. She must not look. Her feet whine; she's not sure how long she's been standing in the same spot. Her heels speak to her, beg her to give up, to sit, lie down, anything that will give them a chance to breath. Someone nears her, reeking of gardenia, the bottled-kind. "Come on, honey." The stranger (she could hear the sound of the woman's pantyhose scraping at her thighs) takes her by the elbow, guides her into a chair. She recognizes the vinyl on her skinny bare legs, the skin sweating, then sticking like chewing gum to the fabric. She loses count; she imagines the strangers looking at each other, not being able to tell if she did it on accident or if they need to call someone more versed in people --like her. Don't they know what it feels like? Can't they tell?

The woman caresses her belly as if her baby were still inside. "82, 81, 80, 79, 76, 75, 78, 80, 81, 82..."