viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

The anniversary of 9/11

Where were you when the events of 9/11 in New York were announced?
It was about 9:00a.m on a bright Tuesday morning. My husband and I went out to a gardening site (that is no longer there) in Hatillo to buy some plants to build a fence. Cruz de malta. We were talking to one of the vendors when the other, a big dark young man stood up and spiked the volume of a radio I had not been aware of till then--although it had been on since we got there. "Pasó algo en Nueva York" he said. "Unos terroristas," he added. My husband and I got into our car after completing our purchase of the plants that would soon add color and boundaries to our home. We switched on the radio. The information on the news was still incomplete. The Towers had been bombed and smoke and fire were everywhere. There was a lot of speculation as to what had happened and who had caused it. I must admit that I was scared much more for what the incident meant (for the future) than for what had happened. The horror of the bombing that befell so many struck me later…when the stories of the victims began to flood the TV and the newspapers.